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Tankard Wealth was established in the City of London by Managing Director Adam S. J. Tankard. As more and more people sought a truly ongoing and personalised investment management service, Tankard saw a niche in the financial services market. Today, our ultimate aim is to collaborate and foster long term relationships with our esteemed clients to build, grow and safeguard their wealth. Planning for the future involves a journey of commitment and we are here to help achieve this ambition.

What makes us unique from all our competitors is the management’s dedication to our team. Internally developing our professionals is of high importance, and with a solid organisation of experienced and loyal advisers at the helm of the company, clients can rest assure that they are provided with the most suitable and appropriate advice.


Areas of Practice

INVestment strategy

Our investment approach underlines and reinforces our commitment to delivering a continuous investment management service. We aim to safeguard your wealth by directing your portfolio through a diversified range of asset classes, whilst being active at implementing portfolio rebalances should we forecast a change in market sentiment or indeed find superior performance elsewhere.

Managed Portfolio Service

Tankard Wealth’s Managed Portfolio Service is our flagship proposition that aims to deliver an unparalleled commitment to the ongoing management of your investment portfolio. This service provides active management and regular quarterly reviews of your investments throughout the year, together with a portfolio report


In recognition of the vital role trusts play in modern financial planning, Tankard Wealth Investment Managers fosters UK and Offshore relations with partners who specialise in the provision of trustee services. Depending on your circumstances, selecting the correct jurisdiction for your trust is crucial.

inheritance tax planning

There is an array of estate planning options to consider when looking to mitigate inheritance tax and the burdens associated in protecting your family and your home. Inheritance tax, capital gains tax, illness and income, to name but a few, are them most common questions we face when implementing an effective estate planning strategy.

Advice for Businesses

Running a business today takes tenacity, commitment and above all, a great deal of hard work. At Tankard Wealth we understand the increasing pressures of managing the priorities that make your business a success, particularly over the time spent on planning your and your employees’ retirement and benefit provisions.


There are plenty of circumstances which call for adequate insurance to be in place, for example going on holiday, insuring your home against damage or protecting your loved ones. Deciding what type and level of insurance to take can be a challenge, especially without the right advice.

Pension Review & Analysis

Our Investment Managers are on hand to fully review and analyse your existing pension provisions, whilst taking into consideration your circumstances in order to recommend the most suitable plan. After investigation and ascertaining your provisions we will advise whether your pension is better off staying where it is, or the course of action to be implemented that will enhance your benefits.

Retirement Planning

It is important to receive expert and professional advice on you pension plans and personal requirements, whether you need to put into place pension provisions now or review existing pension arrangements, your Tankard Wealth Investment Manager will guide you through the plethora of retirement opportunities.

TW Currency Exchange

Exchange rates up to 5% better than those offered by major banks. We forward contracts that allow you to fix your exchange rate for future transactions, which is ideal if you are buying or selling currency for a property purchase. Independent advice on hedging and risk management by a dedicated trader with the experience to help you obtain the best available exchange rate at the right time.


I am resolute that our commitment to a continual service to you remains enshrined in our ethos and corporate culture here at Tankard Wealth.
— Adam S. J. Tankard - Chartered FCSI


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